About Us

Welcome to our webpage. We are an Authorized Distributor & Installer for Greenstone Structural Solutions. Greenstone is a revolutionary, 100% Canadian product. We have years of independent contracting, consulting and building experience. When our founders reviewed the Greenstone Structure products, they found it hard to believe the claims, so they erected a structure themselves. They found that, not only were the claims valid, they but exceeded their expectations. The products’ efficiency in time, labour, and return on investment and environmental sustainability was impressive, and so Y & J Thermo Structural Solutions was born with the idea of building or assisting in the building of structures for all businesses and individuals in its geographical region. Their passion is assisting customers on the ideal that you are not stuck with building a structure with only wood, metal or concrete. Greenstone Structural Solutions has amazing products; customers are not restricted to erecting a structure with wood, metal, or concrete only. Y & J Eco Structural Solutions is there to get it done right for you in very minimal time. Call us today and find out more.

Yvon Potvin

Yvon has been in the construction business for over 30 years. Using heavy equipment, preparing the building and the foundation, erecting walls, installing siding, and assisting with the finishing, Yvon has done it all. When he challenged himself with the building of his own home, he reviewed several solutions for its structure. He decided to try the Greenstone Structural products. He chose the products not only for their superior R-value, but also for the speed of installation and the reputable and knowledgeable service that Greenstone offers. Since choosing their system, Yvon has gained a wealth of knowledge and expertise to help clients in today’s ever growing building market demands.

Joel Larocque

Joel has 25 years of building experience. Owning and operating successful local businesses, from hospitality to commercial pressure washing, he understands the process of construction, as well as the business sense of a project, from start to finish. Joel is eager to address your questions and concerns.

Below is Yvon’s personel residential project. Envelope completed in 4 days by himself!

First floor assembly started

Second floor assembly started

Second floor walls erected

Finished product