Helping the Environment

Y & J Eco thermo are committed to making the future for our children and planet the best and cleanest chance possible. Being a distributor for Greenstone Structural Solutions is a perfect fit for Y & J Eco thermo. We recognize the urgency in changing how we build. For generations, building methods were principally decided by the lowest immediate construction costs. Many of the materials used to achieve this objective were not harvested, fabricated or produced through sustainable processes. The Greenstone Structural Panel incorporates two structural materials, EPS and light gauge steel, both 100% recyclable and both having tremendous environmental benefits.

On average for a residential 1200 to 1500 square foot home, Greenstone Structural Solutions envelope’s galvanized metal material uses approximently 5 to 6 recycled vehicles.

As per EPS Industry Alliance, Ontario Savings of Btu vs Stick House in one year you save 16,120,000 Btu vs a standard stick home. In 50 years the total savings is 806,000,000 Btus.

With such an efficiently sealed envelope, HVAC systems are typically reduced in size and lower energy costs and environmental impact.

Passive Building

Passive Building is one of the world’s most rigorous standards for energy efficient construction. At its core, Passive building is a design methodology resulting in homes that consume up to 90% less energy than conventional ones. It has been effectively applied to projects worldwide, ranging from single family homes to very large commercial and institutional buildings.

To read more about the numerous insulating and environmental benefits of EPS as a building product here:

EPS Industry Alliance Life Cycle Analysis Report